The Crawford Groups


In February of 2003, I purchased a franchised acting agency located in Los Angeles called The Crawford Agency, then owned by Lynn Crawford. The agency had suffered financially due to the on going actor’s union strike. Once the purchase was complete, I realized that the corporate entity needed to find other sources of income. Having received a Master’s Degree in Marketing / Advertising from Northwestern, The Crawford Agency began to accept clients in need of a great advertising agency in the Denver area.

I had become a professional model in 1977, soon after high school, signing with Zoli of New York City. I have worked most of my adult life in the fashion and entertainment industry. Having developed such great relationships with some of the top agents in both acting and modeling, I was encourage by Karina Dial from IMG Models and Mitchell Gossett from CESD, to consider Talent Management. We soon after began to manage actors and models nationally. It was with the encouragement of one of our first talent, former Denver Bronco – Mark Schlereth, we began to manage his career and added him as our first client for a newly formed Public Relation division. And, so, the corporation began to grow. With the help of Casting Director Joey Paul, then casting Disney’s “That’s So Raven”, we handle the first location casting for a new Disney show know as “Hannah Montana”. Nearly 1,000 kids showed up for a long day of taping. The exposure put us on the map. 

A lot has happened over the past 16 years of The Crawford Agency. We opened a extremely busy talent management office in Los Angeles, and settled into our main office in Miami Beach. This year has been a mile stone in the history of our company. Revenue is being generated from all three divisions, and we have reorganized our corporation to reflect all three divisions under one entity. We we started2018 as The Crawford Groups: Crawford Advertising, Crawford Public Relations, and Crawford Talent Management. Our change of name from The Crawford Agency to Crawford Talent Management is only reflective of our operations as a talent management group, not an agency. Due to changes in California state laws in 2017 we needed to make a clarification that we are a management company not an agency