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We are excited to extend an invitation for you to join our talent management group. We are currently signing actors for film, television, and television commercials. We are also signing both fashion and commercial models for print ads, including magazine covers. Our entire senior management team has decided to extend you the opportunity to join the talent groups. Attached you will find all the information concerning you becoming a new talent, including the opportunity to request a contract. This is an exciting time for you and we hope that all the information will answer any questions that you should have.

If you did your homework, as we ask, you are aware that Crawford Talent Management is a corporate entity that includes three major branches: Advertising; Public Relations; and Talent Management. We have had the opportunity to work with such talent as January Jones, Mark Schelereth, Albert Tsia, Disney’s star Davis Cleveland and Jake Short.

For many years, the only way actors could audition for television shows, commercials, and films, was to sign with an agent.  Sometimes getting a contract offer from a good agency, can take a little bit of time. Sometimes it can take longer. And for some, it may never come at all. We know there are amazing actors and models who deserve to start auditioning for their potential dream gig right away, instead of waiting weeks or months for an agency contract. 


To help these amazing actors and models, we have partnered up with a company called Entertainment Industry E-Services (eServces).  When you sign a contract with Crawford Talent Management and sign  up with eServices, they will provide auditions on a regular basis for films, commercials, and television shows. 


We look forward to jump starting your career and seeing you on the big screen, and all the little screens.


And when you finally land that dream contract with a great agency, and they begin providing great auditions, we will continue to manage your career.  And if your agent or agency is not providing you enough auditions or opportunities, The company we partner with, Entertainment Industry E-Services, can keep you in their data base and continue to provide you great auditions if you want that extra opportunity.


 To give you the best chance of being successful in this highly competitive industry, we are going to outline some essential information and supply you with the details you need to know to get started with Crawford Talent Management. It is your responsibility to read this information thoroughly and to clarify all your questions. Because we approach the industry in a much financial friendlier manner, that does not require you to relocate, and you must understand our process and our working relationship. READ EVERYTHING: If we realize you have not, we will immediately withdraw the offer for representation. 

 The decision of our management group has already been made, and that decision is to offer you representation. If you have additional questions, e-mail those questions to

 Although we are accepting the responsibility of managing your career, we cannot do it alone! You must help and follow our directions to maximize your chances of being successful. You must have patience and realize success comes at different times for different people, and no two people are exactly alike. By signing you as a talent, we believe you have the ability to compete for jobs, and secure work. Many talents fail because they think this is going to be easy, it’s not. Just like everything else in life, you have got to work hard to be successful.

Our Process

 You may have been told that you need to relocate, but we have proven that you don’t. We would rather send your pictures out for consideration, have your image available on our talent website, and have your tape and send in auditions to the castings for projects and to allow them to become familiar with your abilities. 

 We utilize the most efficient electronic systems available in the talent industry. Actors are exposed to a large group of national auditions, mainly television-television commercials- pilot-film. These services deliver auditions to you immediately. Models are also exposed to the print auditions that are via  Entertainment Industry eServices, also pulled from our website.

eServices and Webtime are two companies we contract with. Webtime is the contractor we utilize for our Website, and eServices is the contractor we use to send projects to our talent.

 Again, we are experts at providing national-level auditions to our talent instantly. Every audition means an opportunity to expose your skills. You must follow our direction completely. If you should ever have any questions regarding the submittal process, you need to communicate to your management team at Crawford Talent Management.

Important Deadline

 Please be aware if you are planning to move forward with our group, we need to have your request to have a contract be sent within the new 10 days, as we are experiencing a very busy season for new actors and models.

New Talent

Finally! If you are ready to become a talent with Crawford Talent Management, here are the steps:

1. Contract. At the bottom of this page request, a contract be sent to you. You need to print it, read it, sign it, and return it to us. You will need to scan and e-mail the contract to us. Make sure that you complete the document, and sign it. E-mail it to our corporate legal department at TIP: Once you complete the contract, lay it on a flat surface, take a picture using your smartphone, and then e-mail it to us. The contract is non-exclusive.

2. Marketing Programs. Both of the marketing programs are administered by Crawford Talent Management. Each program does include a small investment. We serve only as the administer, talent is not paying for representation. There are no other hidden costs associated with our group. Once your contract is received and verified, you will be given directions on how to access the marketing page and secure your programs. Webtime is the contractor we utilize for our Website to edit, touch up, and post photos, and eServices is the contractor we use to send projects to our talent.

3. General Information. It is extremely important to remember that Crawford Talent Management does conduct business much different than many other managers. We encourage our talent to grow and develop in their local markets. We are proud to provide a great opportunity to the talent we do represent. When the opportunity arrives, we will do everything possible to help secure work. Not one of our talents would be set-up for failure. That stated, remember that you, the talent, must do your part. Any important key to remember is that we will help secure an agent, work permits (if needed/when needed), and working VISA (if needed) when they are required.

If you are hesitant about how our company operates, please do not ask us for representation. Our system works for us, and we are pleased to be in business for over 15 years, with no negative records with The Better Business Bureau. 

Request a contract.

We get this question all the time, our contract is Non-Exclusive.

 A Non-Exclusive contract allows the talent to work with other Agents, Managers, or companies. 

As long as their contract is Non-Exclusive. 

An Exclusive contract only allows the talent to work with the company they contracted with, no other companies. 

Our contract is Non-Exclusive

If you have received a contract, you do not need to request another contract.

The contract is sent from is:

If requested a contract and have not received it check your SPAM/JUNK folder. 

Only enter your information once. Thanks

If you do not have a contract with Crawford Talent Management then Maui is not your manager yet. Please do not put his name in the Agent/Manager section.

We will contact you with in a couple of business days.