So now what?

Casting Directors cast people into roles, they do not school talent on acting. So we will not hear from the casting people unless they want to see you again. They are NOT going to call us and tell us about your video, it is up to you to send exceptionally good auditions. Auditioning is a job interview you need to be prepared and do your best to get the job. A call back is the only time we will hear from the casting people about you.

Callbacks, Short List, and Holds!!

It is so exciting to get a call back, be on
the short list, or put on hold!!!

All project are different. Television and film projects use short list and then call backs in the selection process. Being placed on a short list means that the final decision makers have some interest in the talent. Talent are usually not informed of the short list, as it is not a solid decision. Television and film projects call backs may be made with in a few days or a week or so, movies can be months. We have no control over castings, scripts, filming or call backs. Once we receive the actual call back, we will contact you. You will not directly be contacted concerning a call back from the Casting Director. Every project is different there is not a set time or date each project will get call a talent back. It can be days to weeks, to months.

This does not mean you got the part! But you have a great opportunity to land the part. We will likely send you a second script to tape. The next step may involve a live audition! Which may mean travel.

Depending on the project they may or may not pay for you to come out. This is were we negotiate on your behalf, if we cannot get them to pay for all your expenses (under 18 a guardian must travel with you at their expense) we will let you (or your guardian) know. It will be up to you (or your guardian) if you want to pay the expenses. In most cases the expenses are paid for by the Client.

Holds are the same as a call back, only in the modeling business. A hold is not the actual booking, but it is the client checking on you availability and hold your time until a final decision is made. We do have to contact the model about the hold, because we need to make sure that the model is available on the shoot dates.