Head Shots!

Mystery of a Great Head Shot!

Great head shots are very important in the world of acting and can be the first round of determining if a Casting Director is going to actually move you to the competitive level and supply you with a script. The more important factor in a great head shot is that it looks the way you currently look. No surprises. Kay Winters, who has found many of the models that grace the weekly ads, website, and in store images that appear in Target Stores stated that “Actors make better Commercial Models because they can use a range of emotions when on set.” Your concern is getting to that casting and eventually working on set.

Practice! Make a set of flash cards that have different emotions on them, such as sad, surprised, and fun. Have a friend or family member work with you by calling out the emotions as you stand in front of a mirror and pull out said emotion. Also, take selfies of yourself on your smart phones. Find you best side. Best angle. Yes… for once someone is talking about you taking selfies to improve you career.

Be aware that the one thing we hear the most from Advertising Agents, Clients, and Casting Agents if the head shot does not include a smile, which is not a requirement, is “How are their teeth?”

We have pulled a group of good head shots. The ones that always get a strong reaction. Again, remember that in acting your skill level always trumps your head shot. That’s way you have the opportunity to submit tapes electronically. Evaluate these head shots. If you want a new head shot, don’t make it a big investment! Have a friend or family member take 10 or 15 great shots make sure you look natural, not posed. Have great lighting, out doors if you can, but not with harsh sun or shadows in your face

Some Great examples……