Resume Builder

These guidelines will help you build an effective acting resume. It is very important that you follow our direction. Separating your acting resume from anything personal is extremely important. Things that you are proud of may not be so impressive to the members of the Casting community. Your resume needs to be built in a WORD document. Nothing else.


This area includes some personal information and professional contact information. Keep in mind that this resume must be connected to Crawford Talent Management. These instructions need to be followed exact. Do not add something extra in as our team will just remove it.

Name: This must be the name that you wish to use in the entertainment industry. If you select to use a stage name, make sure you understand that you can not later change that name. ;Should you try to do that, all of the credentials connected to that Stage Name will go with it. Also, all of your invoicing and payments will be made in the stage name. Make sure that the bank will work with you and this stage name. Our owner, David Voogd, used the stage name David Wayne, which was his middle name and had not issues with cashing pay checks. Also…keep it real and not regional. Southern females seem to always want to use a first, middle, and last name. Don’t! We are wanting casting to remember your name. Keep it simple. Use your first and last name, first and middle name, or middle and last name. 

Contract Information: Because you are designing this resume for our use, do not include any personal contact information. NONE! &Under your name it should state “Represented by Crawford Talent Management.” Under this line should be our e-mail address: “communications@crawfordtalentmanagement.”  Under this line should be our Los Angeles telephone number: &Los Angeles  323-592-9677. And then our Miami Beach telephone number: Miami 305-942-8003

FOR KIDS ONLY: Under the Miami Beach telephone number should be the date of birth of the talent. This will apply only to children up to the age of 10. It should state: D.O.B. day/month/year.



This is the most important part of your talent resume. Casting is looking for experience, of any kind. Do NOT include work experience that does not apply to the entertainment industry. ;If you are a model, casting is not interested in that industry. So, don’t waste space on your resume space with experience that does not apply to their interest. 

Remember, experience does not necessary mean paid experience. If you appear in local or school productions on stage… it is experience. It may not include any pay, but it does include a use of your skill level. 

Work Experience should be list in order of importance, example: a speaking part over extra work means that the project carries much more of a impression than extra work. You will also need to classify work experience as the type of project: Film, Industrial Film, Television Commercial, Info Commercial, Web Cast, In House Video, Television Movie, Television Special, Television Series, and Stage Performance (Live).

When listing work experience it needs to be place into three columns: Type of Project – Name of Project – Your Role!


Be very careful how you list information in this area. Training is not work experience. It is education and should only include education that applies to acting. Your goal is to eventually make this part of your resume disappear with work experience. Keep in mind, even the most famous acting or technique coach is just not important to casting. You need to make sure that you keep Training outlined as the type of class and then what was included in the class. Where, when, and who taught the class is not important and a total waste of space on your resume.

Make sure that the training applies to the acting industry. Example:Three years of karate means nothing to casting. A class on ear prompting is a very important acting skill.


This is the area of the resume that we encounter the greatest mistakes. Think… what skills to I have and can perform well that would be important to be cast into a project. Without receiving extra training.

GOOD. Select sports that you are good at. Don’t list your position. Just the sport. Other skills should include any and all foreign languages you speak fluently. That 1 year class of French in high school does not count as fluent. What other skills can you handle without additional training?

Here are some examples: Instruments you play, types of dance skills you have trained in, Martial Arts, Magician, can ride a horse, motorcyclist, ice skater or roller skater, Ventriloquist, Sing with vocal range, can swim, surf, ski, skate board, great with all types of animals (all types!), and such. We do need to know that you do Martial Arts, we don’t need to know your skill level. 


Remember… send your resume to us in WORD. We will reformat what needs to be changed. And change the design to meet our standard resume.  You can use a standard font. Don’t waste your time trying to repeat this one in the example.

EXAMPLE: Below you will find a general example of how your resume will turn out once we format it. It is important to the branding of The Crawford Groups that everyone has a standard resume in their media package.


If you have any questions, send them to